Studio Updates

Studio updates.


Life is about curation. Design is about extreme curation. In order to make something fit someone's life, we as designers take on the responsibility to make items that fit their lives. Otherwise, it would end up in a pile of stuff, next to the other items cast away by life's curation. At Orenga Design, we take the job seriously. Because making is about curating to make things Relevant.


We never think about these things because we're always focusing on the money, the aspect that doesn't require passion. The dehumanized part of it. But once you make things relevant for users, they begin to see and understand how it can fit into their life's curation.

We took this philosophy when we create unique items that no one wants. We know it because as designers, we care to see it. To innately believe that these things must go together because they align. An effective home screen does that task. It takes a user's life curation to download your app, but for them to love your app, it must have relevance.

splash screen

In creating Blenddy, we went through hundreds of screens and user experiences, curating choices along the way to make something user's enjoy. To figure out that part, to be successful was the relevance part. We hope you enjoy using as much as we toiled to make things perfect. Because when something knows before you use, there were many months that went to discovering and pushing those initiatives. We know our clients will appreciate those discoveries, and hope you'll see our passion shining through.

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