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Develop identity while minimizing design pitfalls and u-turns.

We take pride in helping our clients make more than just a one-off product. Our process has been weather tested within organizations, a transformative beginning for companies with multiple product lines, and visual clarity for companies in abstraction. Great care and pride is taken to apply balance in creating relevance today as much as to be appreciated years from now.

Holistic brand strategy requires longer term outlooks.

Orenga Design tailors design strategy to address your long term brand value. We create "Unique" as the foundation to drive your ongoing design and marketing goals. We do our best work when you consider us an in-house resource delivering brand cohesion as we continually test and follow your users' experience.


My History


Ken Mak's journey began twenty years ago at the dawn of the "consumer" internet. He had the fortune of studying at the renown Art Center College of Design and experienced the digitization of personal electronics and pervasiveness of connected devices. Over this time, he quickly progressed to lead designer, and honed his skills by delivering to market over 80+ products centered in the technology space. He earned multiple design accolades, along with a "Best of the Best" Red Dot Award, awarded to less than 2% of all top tier entries.

Ken reached these milestones working as an in-house resource and within tier one consultancies. He learned that achieving these goals required extracting knowledge and collaboration from all sides of the aisle. Having spent a number of years executing at an engineering studio and working within strategy helped facilitate the ease to deliver on the wants of various disciplines. 

Unfortunately, business structures are terrible at getting to true innovation in real world scenarios, much less getting various archetypes of workers collaborating. Even with the multitude of industrial design successes, he struggled to understand "why" those companies and products fizzled on the market.

Luckily, Silicon Valley allowed him exposure to start-up life, and living amongst the app explosion, he decided to embark on his own magical journey to disrupt a business space to continue discovering and answer those "whys". This side hustle taught him how to be scrappy, how to grind, and continually think and re-think a business strategy. He discovered success was as much about the consumer end as front-end execution, which Orenga Design is extremely good at. By connecting to users and properly segmenting, creating, and constantly advocating for them, design is empowered with the tools to align with a company's mission. It is this holistic process and continual pursuit for success that is our framework -


Orenga Design provides customized, principal level design strategy and services for long term outlooks. We bring insight to address consumer facing touch points to every client milestone.


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Contact: info@orengadesign.com