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We tackle design + user experience challenges.

We've helped numerous companies build solutions to meet their business objectives. We provide leadership, execution, and tenacity to deliver to market.

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Awards /

Red Dot, Best of the Best
iF Award, Outstanding Design
R&D 100 Award
CES Innovations
NAB Best of Show VIDY Award


Client List /

Cisco Systems
Aruba Networks
Sony Electronics
LUNAR Design
Frog Design
Society Creative

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Producing solutions while minimizing design pitfalls and u-turns

We excel in creating singular projects and multiple product families by providing holistic thinking throughout the service chain. We provide insights through research to guide design discussions and reveal relevant business opportunities. Our process transforms companies with multiple product lines, offering visual clarity for companies lacking guidance or design strategy. We apply balance in creating relevance which can be appreciated now and in the future.

Holistic solutions through a long term lens.

Orenga Design tailors design strategy to address your long term brand value. We define your uniqueness as the foundation for your ongoing design and marketing goals. Doing our best work to achieve lasting results means being immersed creating and driving innovation, following your users' experience, and wrapping it up through brand cohesion. Your brand deserves a pouring of heart and soul to find your direction and story.


Our Leadership


Ken Mak's journey began twenty years as a graphic artist where he dabbled in logomarks, interaction, and web design. After studying at the Art Center College of Design, he was immersed in the digitization of personal electronics and pervasiveness of connected devices. He progressed to lead designer, and honed his skills delivering over 80+ products to market concentrated in the technology space. He earned multiple design accolades, along with the most prestigious "Best of the Best" Red Dot Award, awarded to less than 2% of all top tier entries.

He has worked as an in-house resource with corporations Sony and Cisco and with design innovation firms LUNAR and Frog Design. Finding that designers generally lack mechanical and manufacturing know how, he spent four years at an engineering studio committed to solving challenging molding and mechanical problems. It is this critical thinking background that influences his work today to provide considered, researched, and tested approaches in his design practice. He further tuned this process by understanding how to drive agreement and promote collaboration among all sides of the aisle.

In recent years after working in strategy, engineering and design, he noticed business units are inefficient at promoting innovation in real world scenarios, so he embarked on a side hustle to understand "why" great design fizzled on the market. Co-founding a business and disrupting a business space has taught him to be ever more committed, while continually aligning design with business and marketing. With this experience, he now brings a contiguous design process that is the basis for Orenga Design -

Orenga Design provides customized, principal level design strategy and services. We bring insight to address consumer facing touch points at every client milestone to align and promote your business goals.


For full details of Ken's professional experience, please visit his profile on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter, or if you have an interesting problem you need solved, 




Contact: info@orengadesign.com